Day 2
Thursday - July 20
Part 2

Furnas is the most easterly volcano on São Miguel and the best place to really feel the volcanic origins of the Azores.
 There are over thirty geysers and hot springs dotted around the village.
Their temperatures vary, as does their mineral content,
 from the cool, crystal-clear waters of the drinking fountains to iron-rich hot springs and swimming pools.
 From the arrival of the first settlers to the valley, residents and visitors have been enjoying the therapeutic waters of Furnas for over 500 years.

"Cozido das Furnas" is a traditional meal of São Miguel Island, Azores.

 A tradition among the locals, this beloved popular dish is a Portuguese stew (cozido) cooked in holes known as fumaroles that are dug in the hot volcanic soil in Furnas.

 The stew is comprised of a carefully layered pot of pork, beef, chicken, sausages, potatoes, carrots, cabbage and kale that is cooked slowly in the ground for around 6 hours

Terra Nostra Park
Furnas Valley is the center of São Miguel's unique geothermal activity with boiling caldeiras in action, as well as the beautiful Terra Nostra Park.
Furnas Valley has multiple hot spring pools for soaking and swimming, and the amazing Furnas Lake.
 It offers many thermal pools, mineral springs and caldeiras


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