Day 2
Thursday - July 20
Part 3

Visiting a Tea Plantation

Chã das Caldeiras
 These geysers are the remains of the original Furnas volcano – as magma erupted, an empty underground void was created, which eventually collapsed under the weight of the ash and pumice ejected onto the surface. This collapse formed a volcanic boiler which super-heats water from an aquifer deep underground – in-turn, the hot water draws minerals up as it rises to the surface. Each geyser is named – the Caldeira Pero Botelho is the most famous: named after Senhor Pero Botelho who was pushed into the caldeira ‘by the devil’ for his bad behaviour. A local legend suggests that if you call out ‘Pero Botelho, are you there ?’, he’ll begrudgingly reply with a loud snort of sulphurous smoke. (

Tasting some of the many mineral springs in the Furnas Valley.

Cooking corn in a local geyser.


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