Day 3
Thursday - July 21
Part 2

This second day with AzoresDreamTours ended with a unique experience at Mosteiros.
 This was my chance to show Michelle, Lisa, Andrew, Lindsay and Madison what is a "calhau".
 I used to tell them stories of my young years in São Miguel when during the Summer
 I used to go to the "calhau" across my house with my friends and we had a lot of fun in the ocean.
 It was a very similar "calhau" to this one in Mosteiros.

We all had a great time swimming in that crystal clear water, as well as, sitting on the rocks near the ocean with the waves coming close to us.
 Then, watching some kid jumping from a high rock, Andrew decided to jump too, which he did (6 times).
 Then, I decided to do it too (1 time) and finally Madison also jumped (4 times).
We all had a ball!  Great memories.

According to National Geographic, the Azores have the largest concentration of Dolphins in the world.


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