Trip to Portugal

July 23  2023  
Sunday - Day 5
We left Ponta Delgada around 11 AM and arrived in Lisbon around 2PM.
 From the airport we took a taxi and went to Rua dos Correeiros and entered the appartment we had rented.
Few pictures were taken this day.


Rua Augusta

Rua dos Correeiros is located between "Praça do Comércio" and "Rossio" parallel to "Rua Augusta".

Praça do Comércio

Basilica da Estrêla, where I used to go to church.
It is located at the top of the avenue below leading to where we lived,
 Avenida Infante Santo

(Photo taken from the door of their building.)

Avenida Infante Santo, where Tia Biota and Alexandra, Kika, Catarina and Vitória live.
In the evening, we took Ubers to go to their house where we all enjoyed being together with the entire family for dinner.
Only 1 picture was taken that evening, ... unfortunately!

(This one was taken years before)

Their appartments are on the left side, just before the last building shown, on the 2nd and 3rd floors.
 (taken years before)

View from Tia Biota's balcony where we all spent a great time together before dinner.
 (taken years before)


This is the only picture taken that day in
Tia Biota's house!

(family joke)

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